What is Personal

What is personal development depends on an individual's level and selection of priorities and goals.

Personal development is also called self-development or personal growth, which literally means developing the self or the person.

These are positive changes in all realms of a person's life. They are conscious, self-improvement actions done to reach goals and realize ambitions.

People pursue personal growth to gain self-understanding, release negative behaviors, attain new positive thoughts & realizations.

Self-development can bring about higher awareness both individually and also of the world and humanity.

What is personal development can begin in a number of areas of a person's life.

Some of the most common areas of active self-improvement are:

  • spirituality - seeking a higher purpose, connecting with a higher power for support, encouragement
  • family - mending wounds, forgiveness and acceptance
  • education - working toward a higher education, fulfilling a dream
  • health - to combat illness, disease, wanting to be as healthy as possible
  • financial - organizing bills, debt, taking control of your future
  • exercise - for a healthier life, looking & feeling better
  • counseling - using professional help to deal with personal issues
  • weight - losing weight, getting to an ideal size
  • job skills - improving performance, job happiness
  • relationships - with family, friends, co-workers, peers
  • community outreach - volunteering to help others, a sense of worth
  • mental growth - self-esteem, positive thinking, setting goals, life's purpose
  • hobbies - stimulating mind activity, enjoying life, having fun, learning

Personal development, self-improvement and personal growth can be found in:

  • support groups - such as for alcoholics, bereaved spouses & parents, addicts, etc.
  • workshops / seminars - at convention centers, arenas, universities
  • classes - at local community colleges, hospitals, counseling centers
  • books - numerous books online, on CD, at the library
  • counseling - sessions with Psychotherapists, Counselors, clergy
  • audio CD's - also tapes, DVD, VHS; easy to listen to & watch
  • personal (life) coaches - very popular to help people with life challenges & goals

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