How To
Detoxify Your Liver

Ideas on how to detoxify your liver have become more well-known and increasingly popular over the last 20 years.

Are you feeling tired, irritable or bloated?

Is your hair falling out or having allergy symptoms?

Is your skin dry, fingernails cracked and breaking?

Do you have PMS? Constipation? Obesity? Thyroid issues? Irregular bowel movements?

Any or all of these symtoms may be due to a toxic, run-down liver.

People are realizing that the liver is a filter for the body and needs to be purged of toxins to stay healthy and function optimally.

The liver is the largest and most complex organ in the body and it cleans and filters our blood 24 hours a day.

A stressed, toxic liver can lead to many health problems, also including weight issues and cardiovascular & degenerative diseases.

  • If you are under a doctor's care or taking prescription medication, always seek your doctor's advise before doing a liver cleanse.
  • Other precautions are for diabetics or people who often get yeast or fungal infections.
  • This website is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. It is to educate and provide information for wellness.

Toxins can accumulate in the liver from many sources that we are in contact with everyday.

These include:

  • toxic chemicals, household cleaners
  • environmental toxins (air pollution, chlorinated water, cigarette smoke)
  • poor diet (high fat, sodium, cholesterol)
  • synthetic vitamins, additives and preservatives
  • excessive alcohol consumption
  • prescription drugs / over-the-counter medications
  • foods with growth hormones, anti-biotics, pesticide residue
  • viral hepatitus

A liver cleanse is also called a Liver Flush or a Liver Detox.

Side effects from a liver cleanse can be: having more energy, a rash breakout or pimples from purging toxins, but also an overall healthy feeling.

How to detoxify your liver: Daily Detox

  • Drink a glass of warm water with lemon juice every morning.

How to detoxify your liver: Weekend Detox

  • Start Friday evening by eating a light dinner and drinking pure juices and extra water.

  • Saturday morning drink a large glass of fresh carrot juice.
  • Throughout the day drink a variety of juices and a lot of water:

    lime juice mixture (10% lime, 90% water)

    grapefruit juice

    apple juice

    cranberry juice

    spinach juice

    beet juice

    coconut water (juice)

  • Sunday
  • Slowly incorporate solid foods like beets, cauliflower, celery, cucumber, melons, papaya.

    Vegetables should be either raw or lightly steamed, plain (no salt, etc).

    Beans are also beneficial to the liver cleanse.

    Fish oil supplements are great to take as long as they are free of toxins.

    Flax-seed oil is also beneficial.

    Continue to drink a lot of water and pure juices throughout the day.

    Eat lightly throughout the day - you should not feel hungry or try to lose weight during this time.

    You can do light exercise. Do not do anything strenuous so the body can heal and cleanse itself.

Try to eat less or not at all, especially if you aren't hungry. Digestion takes a lot of energy, and that energy should be focused on cleansing and healing the body.

A side effect is to lose weight, but if you are not eating when you are hungry to accomplish this, you are diminishing the beneficial effects of the liver cleanse.

How to detoxify your liver: Extended Detox

  • Continue the Weekend Detox with fruit juice, vegetable juice, fruits and vegetables.
  • Beans can also be incorporated for the fiber.
  • Continue this as long as you feel good doing it - if there are harsh side effects, it may be from the large of amounts of toxins being purged.
  • Listen to your body: If you need to discontinue after a few days, or sooner than you had planned, that is ok.
  • It's better not to over-exert your system. Be gentle with it and start up again in a few days or a week or two.

Other natural options for how to detoxify your liver:

  • Neem is a blood purifying herb - it's recommended to take 300 milligrams daily for 30 days.

  • The following essential oils are great for internal cleansing.
  • Choosing one at a time is sufficient. It is not recommended to take all at once.

    Take 1-3 drops daily as a supplement. It should be a high-grade, 100% pure oil if it is going to be taken internally.






    Ways to Protect Your Liver:

    • Milk Thistle (herb)
    • Vitamins C, E, B-complex
    • Calcium
    • Trace minerals
    • Fiber

    Happy detoxing! Your liver will thank you!

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