Baby Boomers

Healthy baby boomers are going to be the model for non-boomers and how all of us can enjoy a healthy aging process.

Baby boomers as a group were born between the years of 1946 - 1964, called the post-World War II era.

There are over 78 million boomers in the U.S. and their priority is to have a healthy aging process.

This means both physical and mental health.

Healthy Baby Boomers do the following:

  • Exercise more - biggest increase in marathon runners in the last 20 years is in the over-40 group
  • Control weight - numerous health problems are because of being overweight
  • Practice good nutrition which is very important for combatting some of the negative effects of aging
  • Use stress management
  • Have gym memberships - some facilities have reduced prices for seniors
  • Use supplements and natural remedies to increase energy, mental clarity, focus, and better health
  • Work productively - gives a feeling of personal worth
  • Visit their doctor - being proactive about their health
  • Stimulate brain fitness with activities, projects, hobbies, travel
  • Increase bone strength and density which can hinder osteoporosis
  • Use sun protection - a lot of aging happens because of over-exposure to the sun
  • Using relaxation and better sleep to add years to their life
  • Lower cholesterol - under 200 is ideal
  • Stop Smoking
  • Drink less
  • Maintain normal blood pressure - should be under 130/80
  • Control and/or prevent diabetes which can lead to heart disease

Cycling is another ideal activity. You can enjoy being outside, or you can cycle in the comfort of your home on a stationary bike - or both! For some great information on fitness and fun through cycling go to

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Healthy baby boomers know that taking preventive lifestyle and dietary measures can lead to better health which leads to increased longevity.

Since 1950, heart disease death rate has dropped by 60% and stroke death rate has dropped by 70%.

Since 1990, cancer death rate has decreased by 10%.

Current generations are aging more slowly today than previous generations.

A recent study by the National Bureau of Economic Research shows that some (a small fraction of) boomers aren't doing as well as their predecessors during the same age (51 - 56 years old).

This group in the study stated increases in the following: health problems, chronic conditions, pain, difficulty in everyday physical tasks, drinking problems & mental illness.

Researchers didn't confirm the stated health of the individuals. They did not perform physical checkups for the actual state of their health.

Baby boomers overall are very healthy. They have few chronic conditions, little pain or physical restrictions, and insignificant mental problems.

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