Top 5 Best Carpal Tunnel Brace In 2021

Carpal Tunnel is a syndrome that can cause immense hand and wrist pain. The best way to manage the condition is by wearing a brace. If you’re searching for the best carpal tunnel brace, we’ve got you covered.

Below is a comprehensive guide for the best carpal tunnel brace. We can assure you that this will help you make a decision quickly.

Top 5 Best Carpal Tunnel Brace In 2021

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Mueller Green Wrist Brace

Mueller Green Wrist Brace

Supports weak wrist

Soft fabric


Wellgate Wrist Brace

Wellgate Wrist Brace

Versatile design

Quick comfort


Vive Wrist Brace

Vive Wrist Brace



Good for arthritis too

M Brace Carpal Tunnel

M Brace Carpal Tunnel

Neoprene built


Comes with a guarantee

Copper Compression Gloves

Copper Compression Gloves

Unique design

Wrist pain reliever


Best Carpal Tunnel Brace In 2021 (Reviews)

Here are the reviews for the top five best carpal tunnel braces:

1. Mueller Green Wrist Brace - Best Overall

Mueller Green Wrist Brace

If you want the best pain relief from carpal tunnel, the Mueller Green Wrist Brace is the top choice. The affordable fitted brace can rid you of all types of wrist pain within no time. It offers maximum versatility for the most reasonable price.

The brace is made of solid and durable materials such as neoprene, spandex, and nylon. The neoprene makes the item rigid, which is what's required for carpal tunnel. Spandex allows it to be flexible so that it can easily fit your hand. Meanwhile, nylon ensures that the fabric is soft and does not irritate your skin.

This piece of equipment is available in two sizes. Not only that, but the Mueller Green Wrist Brace comes for both hands. So, whether your right wrist is affected or left, the brace has got you covered.

Besides that, the device comes with two adjustable straps. This means you can control the amount of compression to suit the pain level. Plus, the fabric has antimicrobial finishing that prevents the item from giving a bad smell. 

Another fantastic thing about it is that it comes in black color. So, it will match all outfits with ease. You can even wear it for sports activities to reduce impact.


  • Breathable material
  • Enhances circulation
  • Long lifespan
  • Washable


  • Fabric softener cannot be used for washing

2. Wellgate Wrist Brace - Runner Up

Wellgate Wrist Brace

The Wellgate Wrist Brace is mainly designed to fit the wrists of all women out there. It is also best for people with thin arms. A great thing about it is that even though the product primarily targets women, the color is neutral.

This white brace can be used by men with thin arms as well. There are two options available; you can get it for right or left hand. If your budget is flexible, you can even get both. That is because the Wellgate Wrist Brace is budget-friendly.

With a memory foam built, this item supports your wrist and alleviates carpal tunnel pain too. The brace offers a rigid splint that fits under your wrist. Meanwhile, the top is more flexible and enhances stability. 

By using the Velcro straps, you can adjust the level of compression. For intense pain, you should ensure the straps are secured tightly. For mild pain, you can keep the brace loose enough.

The product is breathable, so you can use it for more extended periods comfortably. It is also lightweight and does not restrict hand movements. So, you can wear it to work every day.

What we like so much about this item is that it’s just the perfect amount of rigid. So, it is best for treating carpal tunnel.


  • Flexible support
  • Does not put stress on the hand
  • Relieves tension and wrist pain
  • Does not warp when put under pressure


  • Color is light, so it gets dirty easily
  • Not suitable for muscular people

3. Vive Wrist Brace

Vive Wrist Brace

Are you looking for a brace to stabilize your wrist for carpal tunnel relief? If so, then Vive Wrist Brace is undoubtedly worth buying. It ensures your wrist is in a neutral position which is one of the effective ways to treat carpal tunnel.

With neoprene construction, you can rely on the rigidity of this product. The completely adjustable brace allows you to customize compression by using the Velcro straps. It also enhances blood circulation by retaining therapeutic heat.

What sets this item apart from other wrist braces is that this comes with a removable splint. So, if you require to use your hand, you can increase motion by taking out the splint. Once done, you can place it back.

Besides carpal tunnel, the Vive Wrist Brace can also provide relief from arthritis and tendonitis pain. So, for the price of one, you can treat various conditions that cause wrist pain.

This brace also comes with a 60-day guarantee. So you can be more confident while buying. That is because you can return it if you find it ineffective.


  • Material is breathable
  • Does not smell after prolonged use
  • Effective heat retention for pain relief
  • Comes for both hands


  • Available in one size only
  • Not suitable for people with neoprene allergies

4. M Brace Carpal Tunnel

M Brace Carpal Tunnel

The M Brace Carpal Tunnel is unlike any other item on this list. It is an innovative device that is mainly used to treat carpal tunnel. If you prefer a more modern brace rather than the typical fabric one, then this is the one you want.

This product fits around your wrist like a watch. This means you can use your hand for any work without restrictions. Besides that, you won’t feel hot or sweaty as you do with typical wrist braces.

What's so special about this equipment is that doctors have designed it. So you have no reason to doubt its effectiveness, especially for carpal tunnel. The device works by minimizing nerve irritation, particularly of the median nerve. 

Thus, it prevents the carpal tunnel from worsening and allows your nerve to heal. So, with the M Brace, you can get rid of the syndrome completely along with quick symptom relief.

The best feature of this device is its price. It is budget-friendly and can meet your budget easily. Besides that, its shape is such that it can heal inflammation too.


  • It can be used for both hands
  • Not bulky
  • Allows freehand movements
  • You sleep comfortably without removing it


  • Comes in only one size
  • Not suitable for small wrists

5. Copper Compression Gloves

Copper Compression Gloves

The Copper Compression Gloves are multifunctional. They serve as a wrist brace as well as hand gloves. It is effective if the carpal tunnel is also causing your hand to hurt.

By focusing on hand and wrist simultaneously, this product allows maximum pain relief. A great feature of the device is that it does not cover fingers, so you have some room to breathe. Additionally, you will have full mobility and can do any work while wearing Compression Gloves.

A unique thing about this item is that it's infused with copper. As per studies, the substance is effective for healing inflammation. The gloves also come in four different sizes. So every individual can access it with ease.

By providing wrist and hand compression, this product can relieve pain caused by other conditions as well. A guarantee is also included with the purchase. If you don’t like the item, you can get a refund without any explanation.


  • Offers more focused pain relief
  • Washable
  • Suitable for long term use
  • Nylon fabric ensures high comfort


  • Level of compression is not adjustable
  • Expensive for some

Buying Guide: Important Factors To Consider Before Buying The Best Carpal Tunnel Brace

People suffering from carpal tunnel have to wear a brace every day for treatment. That is why you must select a comfortable product that suits your needs.

Here are some factors to consider before buying the best carpal tunnel brace:


Many brands offer adjustable brace or various fit sizes. This will help you to get the brace that is most comfortable for you. When buying the product, you should check which hand it is made for.

Besides that, you should look for a brace that has multiple straps. This will allow you to fit it securely around your wrist. Additionally, you should look for one that can be adjusted with ease by one hand. Otherwise, wearing the brace would be difficult.


The material of the brace is its most important factor. That is because it decides the longevity of the item. If the material is not good, the brace might rip in a short period.

Besides that, the material type needs to be considered for comfort as well. You should look for products that are made up of breathable material. This ensures that moisture is not absorbed and prevents foul odor.

For carpal tunnel, you also need to ensure that the brace is rigid yet comfortable. For this reason, you should lean towards items made up of neoprene. That is because the fabric is soft, breathable and ensures that the brace has high durability.


Wrist braces come in various designs. For carpal tunnel, you should get a brace that covers the hand through the forearm. Even wrist bracelets can work wonders for the condition.

However, you should read the features when buying the brace. The one that offers wrist relief is suitable for the condition. A minimal style brace is something that professionals do recommend for carpal tunnel. But sometimes, it may not be as effective.

Besides that, if you work at an office, you need to ensure that the design allows you to use your hand. Otherwise, you won’t be able to work while wearing the brace.


Padding in braces ensures that you are comfortable at all times. However, for carpal tunnel, the amount of padding has an important role. That is because it determines the degree of relief.

Some braces come with extra cushioning and offer soft support. As comfortable as it may sound, you should avoid buying a very comfy product. That is because they reduce flexibility and will restrict your hand movements.

So, if you're going to wear the brace for long periods, you should opt for the less padded product. It allows you to maintain the mobility of your hand, and you can work with ease.


Like all products, the prices of carpal tunnel braces vary. You may find costly options on the market. But there are many affordable braces too.

For braces, price does not determine the quality. In our experience usually, affordable carpal tunnel braces are more effective. That is because they have a straightforward design and do not include useless features. So for precise treatment, you should go for the budget-friendly option.


1. How Long Should You Wear A Carpal Tunnel Brace?

Experts say that you should wear a carpal tunnel brace initially for ten to fourteen days. This period is adequate for good relief. After that, you should consult a doctor to continue the use.

2. Does Wearing A Brace Cure Carpal Tunnel?

A brace helps treat carpal tunnel. That is because it keeps your wrist straight and in a neutral position. Many studies have proven that people who don't wear carpal tunnel braces face greater pain.

3. How Tight Should A Carpal Tunnel Brace Be?

A carpal tunnel brace should be tight enough to fit your wrist correctly. However, you should ensure that it's not too tight. Otherwise, you will be uncomfortable.

Final Words

That was your complete guide to the best carpal tunnel brace. Whichever product you opt for, we guarantee you that it will help you effectively. All of them have been tested for carpal tunnel treatment and have shown positive results.

Our top choice is the Mueller Green Wrist Brace. The design is perfect for relieving pain caused by carpal tunnel. Besides that, it is cost-effective and won’t burn a hole through your pocket.

All these braces are well-known for treating carpal tunnel. Besides that, they are all under $30. So, rest assured each one of them will easily fit in your budget.

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