Best Back Massager For Knots In 2021

Best Back Massager For Knots In 2021

Searching for a back massager for knots? We've got you covered. Below is our complete buying guide for the best back massager for knots. We have even reviewed the products to help you further.

Top 8 Best Back Massager For Knots In 2021

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Best Back Massager For Knots In 2021

Mighty Bliss Handheld Massager

Tackles tough knots

It can be used for various body parts

Interchangeable heads

Best Back Massager For Knots In 2021

Zyllion Massage Pillow

Four 3-D nodes

Bidirectional movement


Best Back Massager For Knots In 2021

Snailax Back and Neck Massager

Two rotation direction

Heat option available

Best Back Massager For Knots In 2021

Nekteck Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager

Eight massage heads

Car adapter

Versatile design

Best Back Massager For Knots In 2021

RENPHO Deep Tissue Massager


Automatic switch-off option


iReliev Massage Gun



Allows targeted massage

FITINDEX Massage Ball


Effective for knots

Offers high-intensity vibration

Trigger Point Massage Tool


Suitable for massaging complete body

Buying Guide: Important Factors To Consider Before Buying The Best Back Massager For Knots


If you're looking to find relief from knots, buying a back massager with a heating feature is best. That is because heat allows the muscles to relax. As a result, the massage will be more effective.

Massage Type

There are various types of massages that a back massager can provide. You should look for a device that can give you the massage you like the most. Or you should get a massager with multiple options to get the best value for money.


Do you travel a lot? If so, you should get a massager that is lightweight and compact. This will allow you to carry it anywhere easily. You can also opt for a cordless back massager to use at all places.

Focus Area

Back massagers for knots come with different areas of focus. Some target small areas while others cover a larger size. If you face troubles in a specific spot, getting a massager that targets that area is best. Otherwise, you should opt for a device with more excellent coverage.

1. Best Back Massager For Knots: Mighty Bliss Handheld Massager - Best Overall

Best Back Massager For Knots In 2021

The Mighty Bliss Handheld Massager is the most powerful tool for healing knots. It has six interchangeable heads. The device is cordless and lightweight but is still adequate for giving you a deep massage.

This tool works at three different speeds. So, you can easily customize the massage for the best experience. A massage by the Mighty Bliss Massager gives you the same feels as a massage therapist, only for a lower one-time price.

One of the heads serves as an oil stick massager. So you can use it to give yourself a massage using essential oils or cream. The stick also allows you to massage parts of the back that are otherwise hard to reach.

The massager is rechargeable and has a long-lasting battery. It charges entirely within an hour and can run for more than two hours. Besides that, the tool comes with a lifetime guarantee. So, should you face any functioning issues, you can get a refund or a replacement.


  • Powerful like a human massage
  • Quieter than most devices
  • Allows trigger point therapy
  • Variable speeds


  • No vibration options

2. Best Back Massager For Knots: Zyllion Massage Pillow - Runner Up

Best Back Massager For Knots In 2021

As the name suggests, the device looks like a pillow of small size. It contains four kneading balls inside that give you the most relaxing massage. The massager nodes are hard, but that's precisely what you need for effective pain relief.

The Zyllion Massage Pillow not only helps back knots but is also effective for shoulder knots. The nodes move in one direction for a minute. And then they go in the opposite direction.

This device enables you to reach your muscles from various angles. Its most impressive feature is that it comes with a heating option. So, your muscles can relax better.

Another fantastic feature of this tool is that it automatically switches off after twenty minutes. This period is adequate for a thorough and relaxing massage. It also comes with straps so you can attach it to a chair or a car seat and enjoy a massage while working.


  • Compact
  • Easily portable
  • Sturdy
  • Massages other body parts as well


  • The area of focus is small
  • Pressure may be high for some

3. Best Back Massager For Knots: Snailax Back And Neck Massager

Best Back Massager For Knots In 2021

Snailax Massager is a seat that comes with four kneading balls inside. It is a fantastic option to relax while sitting. The tool can be attached to your car seat as well. So, you can enjoy a massage while commuting to work every day.

This seat has a heating feature which is best for massages in winters. It is also effective if you simply want to warm up your back muscles. The massager not only help knots but also provides relief from tendonitis. 

What's so unique about this product is that it targets different areas. The seat is excellent for massaging the lower back, mid-back, and upper back simultaneously. Hence you can get a beneficial holistic treatment in one go.


  • Great for back pain
  • It targets the whole back
  • Heating feature available
  • Durable


  • Not suitable for tall people
  • Difficult to carry

4. Best Back Massager For Knots: iReliev Massage Gun

The iReliev Massage Gun is a light yet powerful tool. It has a brushless motor with high torque that enables the device to be quiet. The gun is best for a deep-tissue massage that will get rid of knots. 

This tool also releases muscle tension and improves blood flow. As a result, you will have a better range of motion. The device comes with four different shaped heads.

Each head can be used on a different body part. For example, the one with fork attachment is suitable for massaging the spine and surrounding area. There is also a spade-shaped head which is best for back and neck massage.

The iReliev Massage Gun is lightweight and has an anti-slip grip. This minimizes the effect of external vibrations and makes the tool easy to hold. It comes with a case, so you can carry it anywhere easily.

A fantastic thing about this tool is that it's wireless. It works on battery and is rechargeable. After every complete charge, the iReliev Massage Gun can work for up to six hours.

Besides that, you can be confident while buying this item. That is because it comes with a two-year warranty and you can return it within 30 days.


  • Adjustable
  • Noise-free
  • Fantastic battery life
  • Offers intense massage


  • Hard to reach some body parts
  • Expensive for some

5. Best Back Massager For Knots: Nekteck Shiatsu Back And Neck Massager

Best Back Massager For Knots In 2021

If you’re looking for a massager to tackle trigger point problems, this is it. The Nekteck Shiatsu Massager has two handles that you can use to steer the device.

The steering feature is fantastic as you can move the tool to find the exact spot troubling you. You can use the product to massage your lower back and shoulder area. With eight nodes, the Nekteck Massager is suitable for large areas. 

Just like most other devices on our list, this tool has a heating option too. What's so unique about this massager is that its speed is adjustable. You can choose between three levels to enjoy the most relaxing massages.

If you are using the item particularly for knots, it’s best to use the slow mode. That is because it is effective for giving a deep tissue massage. Besides that, you can use this device on the road too as it comes with a car adapter.


  • Nodes are covered with a removable and washable cloth
  • Highly durable
  • Cost-effective
  • It gives the same feels like a hand massage


  • It does not fit small necks well
  • Focused on shoulder knots more

6. RENPHO Deep Tissue Massager

Best Back Massager For Knots In 2021

Here is another product that functions entirely in a different way yet is highly effective. This is a massager that you have to hold by the hand. So you can put it on the precise spot that’s causing you pain.

The RENPHO Deep Tissue Massager is rechargeable and has a battery life of up to 140 minutes. This means you can have at least seven complete massage sessions before the charge runs out. The device has an auto-switch option to prevent overheating.

What's so good about this massager is that it comes with five different heads. If you want to heal back knots or shoulder knots, you should use the round ball attachment. Even the one-point ending is excellent for helping knots.


  • Portable
  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for all
  • Effective for treating knots


  • Relatively shorter battery life
  • Relatively shorter battery life

7. Trigger Point Massage Tool

The Trigger Point Massage Tool is a manual massager with the most clever and attractive design. Typically, with a manual tool, you require help from someone to reach some parts of the back. But with this device, that's not the case.

Shaped liked an s then tool is excellent for quick pain relief. It allows you to massage yourself without disturbing others. That is because it does not give off a sound like electrical massagers.

With twelve nodes, you can target every part of your body. The best part about this flexible device is that it's highly durable. That is because it is made up of fiberglass and plastic.

This item has been created with the help of physical therapists. Many medical experts recommend it for knots and other types of body aches. The device may appear strange to you, but it's easy to use and highly effective.


  • Can eliminate back knots within five days
  • It comes with a money-back guarantee
  • Sturdy
  • Budget-friendly


  • Practice is required to use it
  • Manual device

8. FITINDEX Massage Ball

A massage ball may not give you the most relaxing massage, but it is best when it comes to eradicating knots. The most effective massage ball in the market is FITINDEX Massage Ball. It is a peanut-shaped tool that has the most advanced technology.

The device uses strong vibrations to give your muscles, tendons, and ligaments a deep massage. It comes with four vibration modes and works on a battery. What's so likable about this ball is that it is made of non-toxic material and offers anti-oxidation treatment.

Besides that, the tool has a non-slip surface, so it provides you a firm grip. You can use it to massage your back, hips, arms, and much more. Overall, the FITINDEX Massage Ball is a cost-effective tool that can rid you of knots within no time.


  • Affordable
  • Compact and portable
  • Best for intense massages
  • Rid you of knots


  • Charging time is greater than running time
  • It switches off automatically after ten minutes


  1. Can Back Massagers Get Rid Of Knots?

Massage therapy is the best way to heal knots. It enhances circulation so that more blood flows to loosen muscles. As a result, functioning is improved.

  1. Do Massage Guns Help Knots?

A massage gun is highly effective for knots. That is because you can target the specific spot to ease the pain.

  1. How Long Should You Massage Back Knots?

The time varies for every individual. But to get the best results, you should massage at least for six minutes every day.

  1. Are Back Massagers For Knots Worth It?

Back Massagers are a fantastic tool that can provide you relief from pain caused by knots. So yes, they are worth spending money on.

Final Words

That was your complete guide to the best back massager for knots. All of the products have been tried and tested. So, rest assured whichever product you choose, you won't face disappointment. 

Our top choice is the Mighty Bliss Handheld Massager. The tool is highly effective for getting out knots and much more. It can provide you trigger point therapy as well since it has multiple heads. The massager is also versatile as you can use it on parts of the body other than the back.

The best massager for you is the one that meets your needs and budget. We highly recommend buying one of these products if you are suffering from knots. That is because these devices can rid you of them.

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